About KUBE Technology™

KUBE Technology is a solar systems company that has developed the world’s first solar powered reverse osmosis water purifications systems, running without batteries. Born from this technology are units that provide vaccines storage, power and lighting systems, and cold food storage.

The goal of KUBE Technology is to save, extended, and improve lives and empower people out of poverty.

Our systems are designed to operate in remote, off grid, and/or disaster zones reliable and efficiently to aid the lives of those people most in need.

KUBE Technology is based in Casper Wyoming and is now located to Papua New Guinea via KUBE Technology LTD and into Ghana with its Partners KUBE Afrika.

We look forward to engaging with any NGO’s, organizations, Charities and National Governments that can navigate political and logistical challenges in countries whose people need life's basic services to empower them out of poverty.

Mission, Vision, and Values

KUBE Technology™ provides world first solar technology developed in the USA. KUBE Technology™ is designed to provide the most basic human essentials to people in the remotest and/or disaster stricken areas in the world.

World leading technology enables KUBE Technology™ to provide the following:

  • Solar Powered water purification via reverse osmosis
  • Solar powered vaccine and medical supply/storage
  • Solar powered cold food storage
  • Solar powered power supply systems
  • Solar lighting


KUBE Technology™ mission states our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

  • To develop world leading technology through innovation
  • To provide realistic solutions for basic human essentials to the people most in need
  • To make a difference to the lives of people in the remotest and /or disaster stricken areas in the world
  • To save, extend, and better the lives of those without basic services
  • To Empower People out of Poverty


To improve the lives of those most in need throughout the world and assist in the ending of poverty on Planet Earth.