Meet the Team


Greg Cooper

  • Owner - EST. 2012

Greg Cooper was born and lived on the remote islands of Flinders Island in Tasmania Australia. Having lived without normal power sources and often affected by the ravages of drought in summer on their sheep farm Greg wondered about how to utilize solar to alleviate these issues. Many years later, on his first trip in 2012 with his business partner James Josiah of PNG, Greg witnessed the reality of young girls in a village having to fetch and carry undrinkable water for their families survival. From that time on Greg has focused on developing this world first technology with his business partners Ash and Cindy Fuller in Wyoming, USA.

The goal was clear , it had to be reliable, non reliant on fossil fuels and be as maintenance free as possible. Solar power was the answer. The journey to make it work was difficult but now the ability to harvest reliable solar energy in any light making KUBE Technology units more reliable than any systems in the world to date is completed. With 8 different units based on this technology providing lighting, refrigeration, water purification, vaccine storage and general power KUBE Technology has the ability to sustainably extend, improve and save the lives of the millions without the basic services so many of us take for granted.

The journey of development of this technology is now complete, now we start the journey of providing this technology to those those people in need around the world.

— Greg Cooper

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Ashley Fuller

  • Owner - EST. 2012

I was born and raised in Australia and met and married the love of my life, Cindy, in Casper, WY.

I have had a handful of businesses until we ultimately found our chosen path in construction, which we now currently run, building commercial projects.

We met Greg Cooper in 1995, and we have remained close friends. We have always bounced our dreams and goals off of each other. One day during a motorcycle ride with Greg, through the Black Hills of South Dakota, we stopped for a break and he said "I have got it!". He went on to explain the way to provide the many basic needs in developing countries and it was through solar. We have developed his ideas with the help and guidance of some incredible people.

We have had eight years of very intense R&D to subsequently reach our goal and now have eight incredible unmatched in the world solar products to operate and run in the most remote parts of the world. We can fly them in, turn them on, and walk away, and they will produce their desired purpose. We are so excited to see how this mission will change the world.

Cindy Fuller

  • Owner - EST. 2012

I was raised in Wyoming for most of my life. I have have been married to Ashley for 33 years. We have 3 grown children in Wyoming, Colorado and Australia.

I have been doing the book work for our companies for our entire marriage and have added Kube Technology to the fold.

It has been such a pleasure to watch Greg and Ashley work together to put Greg's dream into action with the solar Kubes. They are amazing products that will ultimately save and improve many lives around the world.

In Memoriam

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Aurora Skinner

Aurora will always be remembered as the brains behind our operation, having been with us from the very beginning, and was an integral part of this family.

Our products would not be what they are if it were not for Aurora's dedication, long nights, and passion. We celebrate Aurora's legacy and the lives Aurora helped to save.