KUBE Technology

KUBE Technology developed the world’s first solar powered reverse osmosis systems requiring no batteries to operate – providing reliable, safe drinking water to the millions of people without – via sustainable, reliable, cost effective, environmentally sound solar power.

This breakthrough in solar technology has spawned other essential service products for people without life’s basics.

KUBE Technology simply provides the most reliable and highest performing solar systems available today. Guaranteeing performance in low light conditions where normal solar systems fail.

KUBE Technology Solar products enable the basic human essentials of:

  • Solar Water Purification
  • Solar Vaccine/medical supply
  • Solar food refrigeration
  • Solar Power Supply-240 V & 3-phase
  • Solar Lighting Systems

For Millions of people affected by or living in developing nations, remote locations, and disaster zones.

These basic human essential services can now be provided via a sustainable, environmentally sound, logistically realistic systems to those people without.

It is time for Governments, agencies, organizations, etc to address the issues associated with poverty and disaster with KUBE Technology products.

There now no excuses for people suffering from lack of water, medicines, food, lighting, or power- the solution is here.

G200 Solar RO System

It's Time to Do Something!

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Cutting Edge Solar Technology

The initial idea to purify water via solar was borne by the need for our units to be completely unmanned... no daily/weekly/ maintenance because simply these people in these countries generally have no reliable skills to maintain such things.

The issue was then how to make this work.. and clearly it had not been done before for varying issues... that we have since overcome.

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