KUBE Solar Power Solutions

KUBE Technology, via its patent pending Solar Technology has designed the Charge Station as a solution to provide the most reliable power supply to remote villages around the world. The Charge Station is designed to work in the lowest light conditions where all other solar products are unable to provide reliable performance. One Charge Station will provide power supply for up to 75 Light Sticks providing light for up to 75 huts. Requiring only one charge per week.

Designed to provide:

  • Light to villages, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Charging of Kube Light Sticks
  • Charging of Phones, Radios, Laptops, etc
Charge Station Pic 2

Lithionics lithium batteries are the world leader in design and function. We install two 12V, 20AMP Hour Batteries in each Charge Station. Lithionics Battery features include:

  • 4 times longer power provide than lead acid
  • 3 to 4 times longer life span (estimated 10+ years)
  • 3/5 time fast recharging capabilities than lead acid
  • Lithionics have the only patent on individual cell variation charging and over charging control features
  • Only environmentally rated battery in the world for disposal
  • Only battery rated and approved for air freight
  • Even power discharge for 90% of battery capacity.

Cost Effective Solution

The Charge Station combined with the Light Sticks provide the most efficient and reliable power/lighting system in the world for remote locations. Offering a minimum expected life span of ten years.


  • Reduced Health Issues due to inhalation of fire, smoke used for cooking/lights in huts
  • Increased education for children with light for studies/reading and Tablets
  • Increased quality of life
  • Decreased sexual predation/abuse
  • Increased communication with tablets and phone charging
  • Reduces the poverty gap with the addition of light and power