Power KUBE

Solar Power KUBE designed to provide:

120 Volt or
240 Volt
3 Phase power supply

    All Directly from the Sun!

    Traditionally solar power has meant 12 volt or 24 volt power source with limited uses for lights and other smaller appliances.

    NOT ANYMORE! KUBE Technology Power KUBE enables the remotest buildings to enjoy the full benefits of 120Volt, or 240Volt power. This enables the full use of appliances as if connected to the power grid.

    Additionally, the Power KUBE can provide a 3 phase power source. This enables full use of workshop and medical related appliances

    This will revolutionize the services available in the remotest areas on earth.

    The Power KUBE’s ability to supply normal power supply to remote locations creates great potential change for remote locations.

    The effects of providing:

    1. Computers in schools
    2. Lights in medical facilities and schools
    3. Office equipment
    4. Cooling and heating
    5. Medical/dental equipment can be used. MRI’s, X-rays, surgery related equipment, etc.
    6. Machinery, welders, and tools for mechanical related uses

    The benefits of having access to a reliable power supply via the Power KUBE greatly improves the health, education and economic potential of the people benefitting. This is the first step to eradicating poverty on our planet.

    Power Kube Installed

    About the Power KUBE:

    Power KUBE Components:

    The Power KUBE is easily implemented with only two sections to the entire process.

    • 40- 250 Watt solar panels (10,000 Watts for 5kW systems) and associated racking/ground mount systems with PV wiring looms provided.
    • The Power KUBE- is a fiberglass climate controlled housing system for security of the electrical components, Sine wave inverter, current converter and Lithium battery system.

    Power KUBE is then located proximate to the building to be powered and is simply connected to the existing wiring systems via the fuse box OR buildings without can be wired to accommodate the required appliances and outlets.

    Power Supply Options:

    KUBE Technology is offering 3 base systems:

    • 3 kw (3,000 Watts) battery system
    • 5 kw (5,000 Watts) battery system
    • 8 kw (8,000 Watts) battery system

    Units can be designed for specific use by simply adding battery and solar panels banks to the systems.


    As an example the 5kW system will allow the following electrical demand.


    During sun hours the over powered solar array will provide more power that the 5kW battery system can deliver. Therefore full use of general 240V appliances can be achieved. Use of air conditioners, washing machines, TV’s, computers, fans, and all other general appliances can be utilized as in normal use on a power grid.


    The battery bank now determines the run time of appliances after general daylight hours. Based on a 5kW system a remote office or school, as an example, could utilize 3 fans, 6 standard lights, 3 computers, a TV, printer for 4 hours.

    For remote locations without power this enables full use of buildings during normal working hours plus limited night time use- this revolutionizes potential economic growth abilities for off grid communities and developing nations.