Our Technology

Achieving the development of the first solar powered Reverse Osmosis system in the world was extremely challenging. However, having achieved this it has enabled us to develop the most powerful and reliable performing solar systems available on the market today.

The goal of producing units that provide the life basics to the people throughout the world that live without;

  • Safe clean Water
  • Safe vaccine and medical supply storage
  • Reliable lighting systems
  • Safe cold food storage
  • Power supply systems offering 110V, 240V and even 3 Phase Power options
  • Basic 12/24V power systems for personal use

was achieved through the pursuit of providing these systems knowing they had to be completely reliable, extremely low to no maintenance requirements, and perform in conditions where typical solar systems do not.

KUBE Technology has a simple goal. To produce the best quality product that can be engineered using the best technologies and products available. To be the “Rolls Royce” of our field.

We do not intend to compete with lower quality, mass produced items that do not offer what they claim.

KUBE Technology aims for 400% or over performance increase on any other comparable solar systems, if any, on the market today. This is achieved by the process of “Over Harvesting” systems developed by KUBE Technology.

The ability to add many additional solar panels and then gather the required power in low light conditions and also control the excess power harvested in high light conditions is the base line to our units performance in all light conditions.

Couple this technology with the Lithium batteries developed by Steve Tartaglia at Lithionics in Florida USA and the result is beyond expectations. Lithionics Lithium Batteries are the best in the world and being used in Elon Musk’s Space-X program is the only qualification we feel is needed to back this claim.

So units dependent on night time use benefit from having the following attributes:

  • Fastest recharge time
  • Longest life span (10 plus years)
  • Lightweight providing ease of logistics in remote areas
  • Even discharge power curve, ensuring high performance of each unit throughout nighttime periods
  • Eco friendly disposal of lithium batteries compared to lead acid
  • Batteries have self-computed safety systems to stop “events “from damaging units

Eight years of R&D combined with several projects implemented in Ghana and Papua New Guinea have proven our goals have been achieved.

KUBE Technology is designed to save and improve lives thus enabling the economic growth of people most affected by the inability to access life’s essentials needs and get out of Poverty.

Improving a person health, quality of life, and education enables them to achieve this goal without typical aid programs that create dependency.

KUBE Technology takes what we do very seriously as the lives of people are at stake. We aim to contribute to the ending of world poverty through our solar technology.