KUBE Power Box

KUBE Technology POWER BOX is the most cost effective means to provide light to entire schools, offices, hospitals /aid posts and other buildings.

Light is one of the greatest tools to bridging the gap of poverty by extending the access to education and medical services at night.

Easily installed in building, it extends over 35 metres each way from the unit, providing approximately 20 lights for rooms throughout a building.

Additionally it provides USB device charging for appliances such as phones, tablets, and portable lighting for teaching, medical workers etc. Customized versions with increased power supply can be supplied for laptops and/or additional power requirements.

Simply has 2 X 250 Watt panels , the Power Box unit houses 3 X 24 V 10 Amp Lithionics Lithium Batteries ensuring the highest and most reliable performance available on the market today.

Power Box A